FACTS about e-smokes

What’s an e-liquid?

e-liquids are a USP Grade essence selected from the finest natural extracts, but more importantly, have been quality tested ensure the safe use of the product.

It is FDA approved.

Due to the technical barrier and quality controls, our e-liquid manufacturer is in a leading position to provide e-liquid with consistent flavours and the best tastes.

Most importantly, the SGS Certificate and TUV VOM testing report indicate that the raw material is safe, but also prove there is nothing hazardous during e-smoking.

Do you get the same amount of satisfaction from e-smokes?


e-smokes offer a lot of advantages when compared to regular cigarettes. You get all the advantages of smoking without losing the ritual that is smoking, and you still get your fix that you crave.

Do e-smokes damage my lungs?

First of all, e-smoking is definitely a cleaner option, and your health should always come first.

When you are e-smoking, you are still getting the fix your body is craving. However, when you use e-smokes, you are inhaling essences that are cleaner than the smoke you inhale when smoking regular cigarettes.

These essences do not contain the many hazardous chemicals you inhale when smoking regular cigarettes. You are not taking in any tar, which is what is damaging your lungs. Tar sticks to your lungs and leads to potential health problems. It clogs your arteries and can lead to serious cardiovascular problems.

With e-smokes, you are avoiding the inhalation of this nasty substance – a huge health bonus for e-smokers.

Do e-smokes smell like real ones?

There is no odour because there is no smoke.

Even people who love smoking hate the way it makes their clothes smell. Smokers also hate the way it makes their clothes, car and homes smell too. Well, when you are using e-smokes, you do not have to worry about that horrible smell of lingering smoke, following you around and making you smell like an ashtray. It really is cleaner!

Smoking e-smokes can save you thousands of dollars

If you are a smoker, then you are aware that new taxes are constantly begin added to  cigarettes. Regular cigarette smoking is now a pricey affair – people are always looking for options to cut down these costs.

A switch to e-smokes will save you tons of money if you are a smoker. For the price you pay for one pack of regular cigarettes, you can get e-smokes that will probably last you close to a month.

Add that money up. Thousands of dollars can be saved and you still get that fix you crave.

Do e-smokes emit any smoke?

All they emit is vapour. As there is nothing burning, you are not emitting any smoke when you e-smoke. You are able to use it just about anywhere!

What are the health benefits of smoking e-smokes?

If you are a smoker that has no intention of quitting, then e-smokes are the future of smoking.

The first thing you need to know is you can e-smoke anywhere because they do not burn and are clean. You are getting your fix, don’t worry about that. When you puff on an electronic cigarette, you inhale a cigarette-like vapour, so will not be missing out on the craving for regular tobacco.

You put it up to your lips, and you inhale. You can smokes electronic cigarettes everywhere and anywhere. You can smokes them at the bar, at the airport, even at your desk at work. That is because they do not emit any smoke and are completely odourless.

The greatest health benefit of smoking e-smokes is that you are not taking in any of the nasty tar that comes with real cigarettes.

Kick the nicotine habit today!

Are e-smokes legal?


The great thing about e-smokes is that you can e-smoke them anywhere.

All smokers are aware of the restrictions of smoking and you are probably sick of them. You can use your e-smokes anywhere as it does not produce any smoke. All you get is the vapour that you are inhaling and this is completely legal.